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6-20-11 Minutes

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Graettinger-Terril Community School Board of Directors

Regular Board Meeting

June 20, 2011

All votes are unanimous unless otherwise noted.

The Graettinger-Terril Community School Board met on June 20, 2011 in the Board Room in Graettinger at 5:00pm with President Norris calling the meeting to order at 5:03pm.  Other members in attendance included Roger Schmitt, Galen Chicoine, Kevin Jensen, Duane Hoffman,  Jim Eldridge and Larry Flaharty.  Administration in attendance were: Principal Ulrich, Superintendent Collins and Secretary Chapman.  Guest(s) included: Gary Edwards, Cody Alesch, Rod Hough

Flaharty moved to adopt the agenda.  Motion carried.



Jensen moved to approve the minutes from May 16, May 23 and June 6.  Motion carried.

Chicoine moved to approve the bills and claims.  Motion carried.

Chicoine moved to approve the financial reports.  Motion carried.


Item 9.1 Building Improvements & Updates

Edwards updated the board on the work being done this summer.  At this time in Terril 1st & 3rd floor windows have been replaced, sheetrocking is almost complete, contractors will be mudding and taping this week, custodial staff will move middle school to Graettinger this week and the water heaters have been installed.  In Graettinger the gym floor has been sanded, next Monday or Tuesday they will put on the gym finish, the old building has been emptied completely and is ready for demolition, 3 rooms are ready for carpet to be laid, the elementary has been moved to Terril, all lighting has been replaced including the gym and cafeteria.  Estimated start date for the demolition is July 5, 2011.  There is a contractor’s meeting on Thursday at 10am.

Cody Alesch presented an alternate idea for a weight/wrestling building.

Loan papers will be ready to sign next week for the 0% interest loan through the USDA and local municipality.  Chicoine moved to approve the signing of all paperwork for the loan agreement.  Motion carried.

Edwards exited 5:45pm.


101. Activity Calendar

Chicoine moved to approve the activity calendar so that dues and fees may be timely paid.  Motion carried. 

10.2 Settlement

Chicoine moved to approve a tentative agreement with a total package increase of 3.42% with language changes addressing Teacher Salary Supplement funds.  Motion carried.

10.3 Open Enrollment

Schmitt moved to approve 1 student open enrollment applications out for the FY12 yea-timely filed.  Motion carried.

10.4 PACH Nursing Contract

Jensen moved to approve the contract with Palo Alto County Health System for nursing services in the amount of $1,770 with Graettinger-Terril CSD for FY12.  Motion carried.

10.5 Ruthven-Ayrshire Sharing Agreement (local)

Schmitt moved to approve the sharing agreement with Ruthven-Ayrshire CSD with the local agreement encompassing all shared sports.  Motion carried.     Some of the highlights of the agreement include:  Program Name: Depends on the sport.  We will share names.  Wrestling, Baseball and Golf will be Graettinger-Terril Ruthven-Ayrshire Knights.  Track and Basketball (boys & girls) will be Ruthven-Ayrshire Graettinger-Terril Raiders.  Home games will be shared.  Tried to set them up to whoever was closest to opponent with minor exceptions.  Boys will have 20 games and girls will have 19.  Coaches will also be shared when possible.  Boys basketball will be Randy Hough-Head Coach, Todd Hough-Asst. Coach, Girls Basketball will be Corey Boe-Head Coach, R-A selection-Asst. Coach.  Brent Dyhrkopp will drop down to junior high. Mascot: The mascot will follow the program name.  For example, wrestling, baseball and golf will be the Knights and track and basketball will be Raiders.  Activity tickets: activity tickets from home district will be honored at the shared district.  Uniforms: Track will wear Raiders, Wrestling will wear Knights, Baseball will be Knights.  Golf does not wear uniforms. Basketball will be Raider uniforms.  Transportation: Each district will be responsible for the cost of transporting their athletes.  If transportation needs increase and it is because of numbers, the cost will be shared.  If it is for transportation alone, the home district will pay their own transportation.  Gate & Concessions: The site of the contest will keep the gate and concessions.  Practices: Coaches will be in charge of determining time and location for practices.  Duration: This agreement is good for one year.  Eligibility: Ruthven-Ayrshire athletes will adhere to their policies on eligibility and Graettinger-Terril athletes will adhere to their own policies on eligibility.  Any item in the agreement, may be reviewed and revised by mutual agreement of the two districts. 

10.6 Iowa Association for Educational Purchasing

Flaharty moved to approve the IAEP contract for FY12 for the school to participate in the cooperative purchasing program for Hot Lunch.  Motion carried.

Alesch exited 6:30pm.


Ulrich presented the schedule of administration salaries and benefits for three years that was previously approved.  The Personnel Committee recommended to approve a contract to Teresa Alesch for $60,000 as Director of Curriculum/Technology/Library Director as additional duties as Dean of Students for grades 9-12.  Motion carried.

Superintendent Collins recommended a salary of $50,000 for Gary Edwards as Director of Maintenance for FY12.  If Gary is shared with Ruthven-Ayrshire, a supplemental amount of $5,000 will be issued.  Chicoine moved to approve the contract to Gary Edwards.  Motion carried.

Flaharty exited at 6:40pm.




Ulrich informed the board about the summer reading program for At-Risk students in Graettinger.  The memorial tree was damaged by wind and had to be taken out.  It is hoped to replace the tree.  Softball and baseball are going well.  Many teachers are doing professional development throughout the summer.  The Student Handbook revision will be ready for the July meeting.


Collins spoke to the board about our supplementary weight positions and the revenue generated.


Chicoine moved to go into closed session to evaluate the professional competency of an individual whose appointment, hiring, performance or discharge is being considered when necessary to prevent needless and irreparable injury to that individual’s reputation and that individual’s request for a closed session.  Roll call vote:  Aye-Jensen, Schmitt, Hoffman, Eldridge, Chicoine.  Nay-None.

Roll call vote to enter back into open session:  Aye-Chicoine, Eldridge, Hoffman, Schmitt, Jensen.  Nay-None.

Adjourn 8:35pm