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Board Meeting Agenda/August 15th

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Graettinger-Terril Community School Board of Directors
Regular Board Meeting
August 15, 2011

All votes are unanimous unless otherwise noted.
The Graettinger-Terril Community School Board met on August 15, 2011 in the Board Room in Terril at 5:00pm with President Norris calling the meeting to order at 5:12pm.  Other members in attendance included Roger Schmitt, Galen Chicoine, Kevin Jensen, Duane Hoffman,  and Larry Flaharty.  Jim Eldridge was absent.  Administration in attendance were: Principal Ulrich, Superintendent Collins, Director of Curriculum/Dean of Students Alesch and Secretary Chapman.  Guest(s) included: Gary Edwards, John Fulton.
Flaharty moved to adopt the agenda as amended.  Motion carried.

Jensen moved to approve the minutes from July 19.  Motion carried.
Flaharty moved to approve the bills and claims.  Motion carried.  Fulton exited 6:00pm.
Schmitt moved to approve the financial reports.  Motion carried.

Item 8.1 Building Improvements & Updates
The board walked through the Terril building remodel.  Flaharty moved to approve a change order for the Graettinger demolition to use steel beams to support the south exterior in the amount of $5,640.  Motion carried.  Schmitt moved to approve to not use concrete over the hole where the Graettinger old building used to sit.  Instead we will use crushed lime for a reduced amount on the bid of $11,500.  The land will settle and more decisions will be made about the site in the future.  Motion carried.  Edwards exited at 6:23pm.
9.1. Activity Calendar
Flaharty moved to approve the activity calendar so that dues and fees may be timely paid.  The scrimmages will be held August 17th instead of August 19th  due to floor cleaning.  Motion carried.
9.2 Curriculum Consultant
Hoffman moved to approve a contracted service contract with Ranae Sipma as Curriculum Consultant for FY12 in the amount of $7,500 paid quarterly.  Motion carried.
9.3 Student Handbook
Schmitt moved to approve the Student Handbook for FY12.  Schmitt, Flaharty, Chicoine-aye.  Jensen-nay,  Hoffman-abstained.  Motion carried.
9.4 Faculty/Staff Handbook
Chicoine moved to approve the Faculty/Staff Handbook for FY12.  Motion carried.
9.5 Legislative Priorities
Jensen moved to approve the Legislative Priorities as #6, #7, #18, #21 and #32.  6 deals with preschool funding, 7 deals with incentives for sharing and reorganization, 18 deals with supporting the flexibility for schools to have local control, 18 supports the use of PPEL to be used for equipment and technology and 32 opposes unfunded mandates.  Motion carried.
9.6 Principal Contract
Flaharty moved to approve the amendment of Ulrich’s contract to be listed as Principal for year 1 and Superintendent for year 2 and 3 to comply with new state regulations requiring ¾ certification to be completed for assistant superintendents.  Motion carried.
9.7 Curriculum Process
Ulrich presented a curriculum process that the district will use to purchase curriculum in the future. 
9.8 Van Purchase
Hoffman moved to approve the purchase of a used van to replace the special education van that was totaled in the spring.  The replacement van will be $7,500 from Bob Boland Ford in Swea City.  The insurance check for the van was $7,500  Motion carried.
Ulrich recommended to the board the hiring of five educational aides:  Shawn Krull and Angela Woods-$8.00 per hour, Charles Bangert, Teresa Bentz and Courtney Bahney (all certified teachers)-$10.00 per hour.  Chicoine moved to approve the hirings.  Motion carried.  All personnel are replacing positions that were left open by resignations.
505.5 Graduation Requirements.  Chicoine approved the first reading of the Graduation Policy.  Motion carried..
Ulrich  informed the board that GT is on the “watch” list for reading scores with the state.  It is a complex formula that is used to determine this status.  Originally Ulrich appealed the state decision but was ultimately denied.  Changes are being made in the district to address the problems.  The weight room moved from the former Boys & Girls Home uptown to the former Happy Hour.  There was a mold issue shortly after move in.  The mold is being addressed as well as installation of a toilet.
Collins informed the board that he has met with Dr. Bunt of Ruthven-Ayrshire.  They have discussed the willingness to talk about sharing teachers and programs.
Flaharty posed the question to Ulrich about his schedule for next year.  Ulrich will be flexible.  Initially Ulrich will begin his day in Terril until mid-morning or mid-day depending on circumstances.  He will be a presence in both buildings.
The board asked about voting in the next school election.  It is noted to all patrons in Graettinger and Terril that they will be voting for all open positions.  For example, Graettinger residents will not only vote on the open Graettinger seats, but also on the Terril terms that need to be filled and vice versa. 
Chapman reported on a recent webinar that was facilitated by Larry Sigel & his company ISFIS.  Chapman also reported that last week it came to light that a check issued to Wellmark in the amount of $24, 575.50 for health insurance premiums was altered and cashed to an individual in another state.  At this time the bank and insurance company have been notified.  A police report was also filed.  Officials also reported the incident to the postal inspector.  The health insurance agent as well as Wellmark have been notified and investigations are pending.
Adjourn 8:49pm

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