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Board Minutes 11-21-11

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Graettinger-Terril Community School Board of Directors

November 21, 2011

Regular Board Meeting

All votes are unanimous unless otherwise noted.

The Graettinger-Terril Community School Board met on November 21, 2011 in the Board Room in Graettinger at 5:00pm with President Norris calling the meeting to order at 5:01pm.  Other members in attendance included Roger Schmitt, Kevin Jensen, and Mat Hanson.  Galen Chicoine arrived at 5:15pm.  Administration in attendance were: Principal Ulrich, Superintendent Collins, and Secretary Chapman.  Guest(s) included: Dan Voigt-Emmetsburg Publishing and Dr. Bunte-Ruthven-Ayrshire Superintendent.

Jensen moved to adopt the agenda.  Motion carried.

Hanson moved to approve the minutes from October 17 Innovative Calendar & Early Start Calendar Hearing, the October 17 meeting and the November 1 Football Sharing meeting.  Seconded by Schmitt.    Motion carried.

Jensen moved to approve the bills and claims and Schmitt seconded.  Motion carried.

Hanson moved to approve the financial reports and Schmitt seconded.  Motion carried

Item 10.2 Football Sharing was moved to the beginning to accommodate guests.  Ulrich informed the board that the Ruthven-Ayrshire board approved sharing football with GT last week.  Jensen moved to approve the football sharing agreement with Ruthven-Ayrshire and Schmitt seconded.  Motion carried.

Dr. Bunte and Dan Voigt exited at 5:25pm.

SPOTLIGHT:  John Fulton, HS Social Studies teacher presented information regarding Student Responders in correlation with the SMART Boards.  Mr. Fulton had the board complete a quiz just as the students would using the student responders.  Fulton discussed the valuable, immediate results while using the responders.  The responders have been a very useful tool in his classroom to gauge student understanding.


Item 9.1 Building Improvements & Updates

The Graettinger building is being prepared for an exterior coating where the demolition took place.  Roof was damaged during the demolition but has been repaired.  Boyer Sand & Rock is planning to be done by Thanksgiving.  Mr. Ulrich has met with Rick Dean of Architects Collaborative about a possible project involving a weight/wrestling room.  The board discussed using FEH Architects or Architects Collaborative.  The board directed Mr. Ulrich to have Architects Collaborative to begin the process of drawing up the project.

Item 9.2 Curriculum Update

Mrs. Alesch reported out to the board concerning the progress of student learning.  Currently GT is on the “watch list” with the Department of Education in the Middle School Reading area.  Extensive time has been spent tracking students and helping the teachers find ways to increase their levels of proficiency.


10.1. Activity Calendar

Chicoine moved to approve the activity calendar so that dues and fees may be timely paid.  Seconded by Hanson.  Motion carried.


10.3 Early Graduation Requests

Mr. Ulrich has two students and a possible third that will graduate at semester which ends January 22, 2012.  Schmitt moved to approve the earl graduation requests pending the completion of final requirements and administrative approval. Seconded by Chicoine.  Motion carried.


Jensen moved to approve the hiring of Jacob Hoffman-JH Wrestling and John Fulton-JH Softball, both contracts at $2,076 seconded by Hanson.  Motion carried.


Schmitt moved to approve the 1st review reading of the 100 Series Policies and seconded by Hanson.  Motion carried.


Ulrich reported that the Sharing Sub-committees of both communities would like to meet again.  Ulrich attended the School Board Convention last week.  He attended an intermediate finance boot camp as well as sessions discussing shared superintendents and “Developing a 100 Day Plan”.  His current superintendent classes are discussing the role of the school board in improving student learning.  Ulrich would like to have the board set their expectations for our district.


Chapman reported that her computer was down for approximately one week and is limping along.  Plans are being discussed to convert to a web-based system.  Chapman plans to attend the ISFLIC Conference in Des Moines on December 14 & 15 in Track 2 Financial Forecasting.


The board has changed the December board meeting to December 12, 2011 in Terril at 5pm (instead of December 19) to allow Chapman to attend ISFLIC and complete payroll duties.  There is also a Winter Music Concert on the 19th.  The board also inquired about Casino grants.  Those grant requests are due to Mr. Ulrich shortly.

Adjourned 7:17pm.

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