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1/17/12 Board Minutes

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Graettinger-Terril Community School Board of Directors

January 17, 2012

Regular Board Meeting

All votes are unanimous unless otherwise noted.

The Graettinger-Terril Community School Board met on December 12, 2011 in the Board Room in Terril at 5:00pm with President Norris calling the meeting to order at 5:01pm.  Other members in attendance included Kevin Jensen, Galen Chicoine, Roger Schmitt and Mat Hanson.     Administration in attendance were: Principal Ulrich, Superintendent Collins, and Secretary Chapman.  Guest(s) included: Gary Edwards, Marc Benedict, and Rick Dean (Cannon, Brygger, Moss Architects).

Schmitt moved to adopt the agenda with a move of the Spotlight to the beginning of the meeting in order for Marc Benedict to attend play practice.  Second by Hanson. Motion carried.

Jensen moved to approve the minutes from the December 12, 2011 with one correction.  In the list of attendees, Kevin Jensen’s name should be listed as absent.  Seconded by Schmitt.   Motion carried.

SPOTLIGHT:  Marc Benedict, HS Science Instructor, gave a presentation on a “gaming” educational software program that he is using in the classroom.  He and the class are working with Iowa State University researchers in developing this innovative learning.  The students and teacher use the program and report back to the researchers about what works and what doesn’t as well as learning while using the program. This program works very well with the 1:1 laptop initiative that GT has in place.  Mr. Benedict invited anyone to sit in on any of his classes.

Hanson moved to approve the bills and claims and Schmitt seconded.  Motion carried.

Schmitt moved to approve the transfer of the miscellaneous dollars to the office of principal account in the activity fund.  The money will be have to be approved by administration before a purchase is made and approved by the board.  Chicoine seconded.  Motion carried.

Schmitt moved to approve the financial reports and Hanson seconded.  Motion carried


Item 9.1 Building Improvements & Updates

Rick Dean, architect, brought drawings for the board on the weight/wrestling room project.  The board gave suggestions to the architect for updated drawings.  Dean will update the sketches and figure estimates before the district puts the project out for bids.

Item 9.2 Curriculum Update

Staff attended an Iowa Core meeting.  Cadres of schools met about conceptual units and compared curriculum.  The Math Team will meet soon regarding textbook review.  The Reading Team is having philosophy conversations and are doing MAP testing now.  February 6-10 will be the Iowa Assessments.  It is imperative for students to be in school taking the tests.  An email will be sent to parents encouraging them not to make appointments during that week and encourage their students to do their best.


Chicoine moved to approve the activity calendar so that dues and fees may be timely paid.  Seconded by Jensen.  Motion carried.

10.2 Possible New Mascot Selection Process

The Sharing Sub-Committee will be meeting soon with R-A.  They would like advice as to how to handle conversations regarding the mascot if they arise.  It is not the board’s intent to change the mascot without a long term commitment in the way of sharing.

10.3 Big History Project

Jensen moved to approve the Agreement and Memo of Understanding regarding the Big History Project, a program funded by the Bill Gates Foundation.  The district will provide the Project with our standards and benchmarks and they will create an environment with blended instruction with a modular program.  The Project will give a stipend to the teacher and to the district as well as paying all expenses for the teacher’s expenses.  The money allotted to the district will be for educational opportunities for students in social studies.  There are 6 other schools that are involved in this pilot program.




Schmitt moved to approve the 2nd reading of the 200.1-202.5 Policies.  Seconded by Hanson.  Motion carried.  Jensen moved to approve the 1st reading of the remaining 200 Series.  Seconded by Schmitt.  Motion carried.


Mr. Ulrich gave a power point presentation on the financial status of the school.  This is an annual presentation that will also be shared with the staff.


Nothing to report.



Adjourned 7:00pm.