Letter from the Superintendent

The members of the learning community here at Graettinger-Terril have a great deal to be proud of, and topping the list are the excellent students, the hard-working staff, and the supportive learning community. Students consistently come ready and willing to learn, staff go far above and beyond the expected to provide students with quality, meaningful learning opportunities, and people in the district give much of their free time to support the efforts of the students and staff. It goes without saying that this is exactly what is needed for schools to fulfill their mission of educating children. We have here what every school in the country is looking for, and the most special thing may be that people both realize and treasure it.

As we look toward the future, these positives are the best foundation possible on which to grow. We are able to offer our students a wide array of classes and activities, and we are the right size for every student to take advantage of those opportunities. Our staff actively and aggressively seeks opportunities for professional growth so they can give the students their best each day. Their curriculum work over the last decade is the envy of everyone in the state, especially in light of state and federal mandates. Finances in the district have been well managed through the years, and the Board is committed to continue utilizing the resources available to provide the best education possible for the students. For example, Graettinger-Terril students have access to the very latest in technology, and all classrooms are equipped with the best technology needed to allow teachers to teach in a motivational, interactive manner.

The number one goal of everyone at Graettinger-Terril is to put our students first, so we need to always stay open-minded to opportunities that will help promote their education. But it is clear that the past has provided a foundation for the present, that we are using that foundation to continue to grow in the present, and that everything possible has been done and is being done to ensure a long-term future for Graettinger-Terril CSD.

Andrew Woiwood, Superintendent
Graettinger-Terril Community School District