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Kim Price

Kim Price, 3 days ago

September is National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. Mrs. Price will be posting resources, statistics, and helpful information over the next couple of weeks. Be sure to reach out to Mrs. Price if you have questions or would like to talk. view image

Malissa Jeffrey

Malissa Jeffrey, 3 days ago

Students in Unified Science practiced their measurement and conversion skills in the new science lab! view image

Anne Sexe

Anne Sexe, 3 days ago

The students in Music Appreciation demonstrate their learning by putting all of their knowledge about Frederic Chopin in a rap. view image

Nicole Voetmann

Nicole Voetmann, 4 days ago

6th grade language arts students are working on speaking and listening skills. They are perfecting their eye contact and body language when presenting to a class. They did this by presenting silent biography bags which allowed their peers to learn more about their interests. view image

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