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Graettinger-Terril CSD

Graettinger-Terril CSD, 3 days ago

GT and RA staff started their day today learning about the effects of Toxic Stress on brain development. Our presentation is by Courtney Cook from the AEA. Here staff are playing “build a brain” game. Their brain is being built through drawing cards and random dice rolls resembling how life impacts us. view image

Corey Boe

Corey Boe, 5 days ago

It’s Heart Hero Month! The Elementary will once again be participating in the Heart Hero Challenge ( Jump Rope/Hoops for heart). Packets and letters are going home this week. And will be due back by the 28th. Thanks for your support with this. view image

Graettinger-Terril CSD

Graettinger-Terril CSD, 6 days ago

The Graettinger-Terril Middle/High building has been cleared by law enforcement. Students who have items in the building that they would like to pick up can do so until 4:30 PM this afternoon. Any items left in the building over night can be picked up in the morning.

Andrew Woiwood

Andrew Woiwood, 6 days ago

GT/RA Students, Parents and Staff: Today Graettinger-Terril experienced what many schools have had to deal with in the past, a bomb threat. The threat was made leaving a written message in a restroom. This was reported to the office and this is what triggered the district to contact law enforcement. It was at the advice of law enforcement to evacuate the building. The students responded to the directions given by staff and were able to safely make it to one of the nearby churches. Thank you to both students and staff for remaining calm and following directions during this evacuation. Thank you to local and state law enforcement for their professional advice and response to this situation. All the law enforcement officials were extremely professional in conducting the search of the building. Please report any information regarding this bomb threat to the school administration.

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