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Graettinger-Terril CSD

Graettinger-Terril CSD, about 3 hours ago

Congratulations to Jon Gerdes who continues to remain top 5 in the state for strikeouts! Way to go! #TITANBASEBALL #TITANNATION view image

Chris Myers

Chris Myers , 10 days ago

The marketing firm BonFire has been working closely with us to develop vinyls to cover our doors and windows. The Graettinger-Terril Board then approved the look and their install. BonFire was back today in Terril to continue the installation of these vinyls to our front facing exterior doors and windows. The picture is an example of some of the doors done today. These vinyls allow people on the inside to see out, but people on the outside to not see in. It gives the building yet another layer of security and the end result gives the building a great new look! Check out our other posts for this and other new things happening! #Titan Nation #Titan Proud view image

Chris Myers

Chris Myers , 11 days ago

Through a contract the Greattinger-Terril School Board has with the marketing firm BonFire, one of the many things we have been doing is working with them to develop vinyls that capture our continuous drive to be the best Titan Nation possible. These will go on the front doors and windows of our Elementary building as well as our MS/HS building. Today, BonFire installed some of the ones for Terril Elementary. They include front doors and office windows and.... They. Look. Incredible! Stay tuned for further installments at the Elementary as well as at the MS/HS. Titan Nation! Titan Proud! view image

Jeremy Simington

Jeremy Simington, 19 days ago

Congratulations, Titan Girls Softball and Boys Baseball Team on their season opening wins!!! It is great to have summer sports back!! #TITANNATION view image

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