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Kim Price

Kim Price, about 3 hours ago

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Nicole Voetmann

Nicole Voetmann, about 8 hours ago

It's debate season! 8th graders were paired up to research a debate topic of their choice. Each student chose a different side and wrote an argumentative essay that included evidence that supported both sides of the topic. Speeches were then presented to the class. view image

Corey Boe

Corey Boe, about 23 hours ago

It arrived!! Thank you @Lysol and @Kinsa for thinking about schools! #titannation view image

No Boundaries

No Boundaries, 3 days ago

One of the advantages of passion-driven, contextual learning is it fosters the development of more self-directed learners. These two students have really stepped up and embraced the challenges of operating in the unfamiliar world of adult businesses and community groups. view image

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