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Malissa Jeffrey

Malissa Jeffrey, 13 days ago

The Animal Advocacy May Term group went to the Emmet County Animal Shelter to lend a hand! They cleaned rooms, groomed cats, helped move supplies to make room for dog kennels, and reorganized the food for the shelter animals. view image

Mara Butler

Mara Butler, 14 days ago

Mini May Term constructed coffee table tops with burnt wood technique view image

Caryn Robinson

Caryn Robinson, 15 days ago

The GTRA FFA Officer team meets up with Nole Bochmann to attend the Chapter Officer Leadership training at Dordt college. This event is organized by Nole as part of his NW State VP duties. view image

Alex Helmich

Alex Helmich, 16 days ago

Check out the new signage for the wrestling room and fitness center! Thank you to Titan Wrestling Club and Titans Strength for the funding! Special thanks to Danny Hoffman for installation of the signs! view image

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