Terril Entrances

Dear Parents, Guardians, and Community Members 

Beginning Monday, October 14th after 9:00 AM, all persons with business in the Terril Elementary building should use the new front entrance. All of the other doors will be locked and closed to business. When entering, you will be "buzzed" into the office (a button will be pressed) so you may explain what business you have in the building. Staff at the building will have ID badges and security badges that will be used for the operation of the computer locks as needed. 

When you are picking up your child for appointments or anything else, it will be through the new entrance. Our staff are going to help students remember that the only doors they should use are the new entrance doors for everything. This is obviously going to be a change from the way things have operated over the past years. Change can be difficult, as we all have developed habits in what we do every day. We will all be developing new habits. All of this change is to create better security for our students, staff and community as we continue educating children for the future.

Thank you for your help and attention to this new change. We appreciate all of you greatly for what you do for the schools. 

Chris Myers 

Graettinger-Terril Elementary Principal and GT/RA Shared Curriculum Director 

2006 National Distinguished Principal 

Command Sergeant Major (Ret.) IAANG, Infantry