Physics students are starting the year with a project utilizing the engineering process. Each student will build a fully functional chair of their own design using nothing but cardboard and school glue.
24 days ago, Malissa Jeffrey
Congrats to GT Junior, Alissa Palsrok who won her first IMCA sport mod feature a few weeks ago. Check out the article for full details! Way to go, Alissa! #titanproud
25 days ago, Amanda Smith
Alissa Palsrock Wins
Starting the year with a welcoming Social Emotional learning activity- using Birthday Buddies to break into groups for self reflection discussions.
25 days ago, Chris Olesen
Birthday Buddies
The GTRA FFA livestock judging team competed in the State FFA Livestock CDE on Saturday, August 28, 2021 at Iowa State University. The team earned a silver overall. They also ranked 3rd in the goat division and 4th in the swine division. The team included Jadyn Joyce, Adri Krieger, Mara Koenck, and Josi Reiman.
27 days ago, Tessa Meyer
Left to right: Mara Koenck (junior), Josi Reiman (sophomore), Adri Krieger (sophomore), and Jadyn Joyce (freshman)
Industrial Tech Projects students are designing birdhouses. Students are researching the birds in the area to understand the habitat. Stay tuned for the finished projects!
about 1 month ago, Becky Masters
Students share birdhouse plans.
Mr. Bergo talks with a student about his birdhouse plans.
ARE. YOU. READY? Good Luck, Titan Football! #wearetitannation
about 1 month ago, Amanda Smith
Seniors working on skittles of life game. Student had to pick how they would spend their 20 skittles on a range of items such as insurance, savings and rent.
about 1 month ago, Justine Kelley
Skittles of Life
Skittles of Life
Skittles of Life
Skittles of Life
about 1 month ago, Graettinger-Terril CSD
Titan Volleyball
Considering being a Substitute or a Paraeducator? The Governor has lifted the emergency proclamation and current rules are now back in effect. Check out this site for the requirements and how to sign-up to be authorized.
about 1 month ago, Graettinger-Terril CSD
Sub authorization
'Klepper told her students it was time to clean. But the mood shifted before the hum of children sorting through outdoor gear, books and papers could even start. Twenty-four pairs of eyes filled with worry...' Click the link to read Mrs. Klepper's, Mr. Myers's & Mr. Lewis's account of how the CARES Act funds have helped the students of GT/RA.
about 1 month ago, Amanda Smith
Today is the first day the Graettinger-Terril and Ruthven-Ayrshire teachers and associates are officially back to school! They are engaged in learning all day and will continue through the week until we meet our kids next week. We can’t wait!
about 1 month ago, Chris Myers
learning 3
learning 2
*OPEN HOUSE* Wednesday, August 18 | 5-7pm *Please Read for All the Details - High School Computer Rollout (Middle School Gym) 7:00 PM * Must be accompanied by a parent to complete the signature form. - 9th Grade Orientation (HS Library) 7:15 PM - ILCC Orientation (Lunchroom) 7:30 PM *Students who are not able to pick up computers can pick theirs up on the first day of school 8/23* **Middle School Students will receive their computers on the 2nd day of school pending the parent signature form is returned**
about 1 month ago, Amanda Smith
Open House Details
Ms. Tessa Meyer: I will be starting my 3rd year of teaching this year and will be teaching Agriculture Education along with being the FFA Advisor. I'm most excited to see the students get involved in learning about agriculture and FFA. My hobbies outside of school include anything outside (kayaking, walking, learning to golf badly, etc.) and getting to know the community. Welcome to Titan Nation! #titannation
about 1 month ago, Amanda Smith
Tessa  Meyer-HS Ag
Dear Mr. Lewis and Mr. Simington, As Iowa State Fair FFA Poultry Superintendent I wanted to thank you for the amazing FFA members you have working as ushers at the Iowa State Fair this year. Kenzie DeMoss and Josi Reiman probably could have volunteered for a job that was a lot less work on a hot day, but they were two of the six ushers that volunteered to set up all of the poultry cages in the poultry barn. It is refreshing to see students that don’t complain, follow directions the first time and tackle a job that they didn’t necessarily have to do. They represented your community, school, and FFA chapter extremely well today. Thank you, Derek Straube #titannation #titanffa #titanproud
about 1 month ago, Amanda Smith
Titan FFA
It’s that time of year! Check out the times to get your students registered for the 2021-2022 School year!
about 2 months ago, Graettinger-Terril CSD
school registration
When Adri was looking for a project, I challenged her to be creative. Challenge met! She found a photo of a project she was interested in, worked with our end-of-semester time schedule, put in hours when others were opting to not be at school and accomplished her goal.
4 months ago, Kate Myers
THANK YOU, Mr. Clouse for your years of dedication to the students of Graettinger-Terril and Ruthven-Ayrshire Community School Districts! You will truly be missed. Congratulations on your retirement!
4 months ago, Graettinger-Terril CSD
Mr. clouded
Today at the state track meet, Myla Murphy made the finals in the 100 M dash with a 5th fastest time of 12.99. Her best time in HS! She will run in the finals on Saturday afternoon. Tomorrow (Monday) the 4 X 200 runs at 5:20 with Macy Alderson, Kate Sorenson, Lilly Thompson and Myla Murphy. Drea McKean-Riparetti will compete in the High Jump. It’s live on television so tune in or you can check out the Livestream.
4 months ago, Chris Myers
The NHS is having a great time on their trip for Mini May Term!
4 months ago, Malissa Jeffrey
NEWS FLASH!!! Drake has removed attendance limits. for state track! At noon today tickets will open up without promo codes or restrictions!
4 months ago, Chris Myers