Physics students recently completed an Engineering & Design unit. Each group of students was tasked with designing, testing, and modifying a rocket made of paper that would land on a 1.5 meter in diameter "moon" placed 25 meters away in the gym! That's about 83 feet!
4 months ago, Malissa Jeffrey
Sophomore and Junior GT History students shared their National History Day projects with volunteer community judges Thursday night. In-person and virtual students have worked hard this quarter analyzing primary and secondary sources to complete their projects.
4 months ago, Chris Olesen
The Cultural Foods class is busy learning about the foods from around the world! During our study of French cooking, we prepared recipes from Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking. One lab group tackled Hollandaise Sauce while another group made cupcakes with a strawberry glaze and buttercream frosting. Yum!
4 months ago, Kate Myers
Rose, Shyanne, Taylor sauce
Cormick, Justin, Lilly
Broccoli and Hollandaise Sauce
GTRA will be 2 Hours late Monday, 2/22 due to poor road conditions. MS/HS will be on Schedule B (periods 3/4). No before school activities.
4 months ago, Graettinger-Terril CSD
GTRA Alumni, Emma Kral Commits to St. Mary's University | Winona, MN Check out the latest G-T Newsletter to read all about Emma and her success both on the field and in the classroom! #TitanNation
4 months ago, Amanda Smith
GTRA Alumni Help Lead the Northern State Wrestling Team to a 20 point victory, giving the Wolves their first ever NSIC Championship since 2002! Congrats, Kolton + Treyton! #proudtobetitans
4 months ago, Amanda Smith
As we continue through cold and snowy conditions this year, please remember that every family and student has a slightly different situation. If you believe it is unsafe or unreasonable for your child to attend school on a given day due to your specific situation and weather conditions, please contact the school to report the absence. Our first concern as a community is the safety of our children, and it is possible that school is in session when a particular family is not in the position for children to attend.
4 months ago, Graettinger-Terril CSD
Image of a cold thermometer and snowflakes.
2 hour late start for GTRA Friday, 2/12/21 due to low windchill. MS/HS Schedule B: periods 3&4.
4 months ago, Graettinger-Terril CSD
More Ukulele lessons!
4 months ago, Anne Sexe
one more
look at her!
5th grade!
GT_SCHOOLS: Two Hour Late Start for GTRA on Friday, 2/5/21. No before school activities. MS/HS will use Schedule A (Periods 1-2)
5 months ago, Graettinger-Terril CSD
Physics students have been using their knowledge of projectiles and the engineering process to design a paper rocket that will land on the Moon!
5 months ago, Malissa Jeffrey
8th grade ELA students have begun their Career Unit. They will have the opportunity to listen to many people speak about their professions.
5 months ago, Nicole Voetmann
Brett Steinkamp from KW Electric
As a part of the SWITCH program (SWITCH what you do, view and chew) in the Graettinger-Terril Elementary 4th grade, some families volunteered to participate in a couple of virtual meal preparations. They were given a bag with the ingredients they needed and sent home to prepare. The students and families enjoyed the activity and the meals!
5 months ago, Chris Myers
Computer view
Prepping salmon
Chopping onions
Computer view 2
Heart jokes usually aren't funny, but aorta be.... 🙃 Anatomy students identified cardiac structures this week during their Cardiovascular unit!
5 months ago, Malissa Jeffrey
The younger students learn some strumming patterns on ukuleles!
5 months ago, Anne Sexe
She did great!
Great job!
Rock Stars!
A natural!
The Young Titans Basketball Tournament today at Graettinger-Terril High School using our new facility!
5 months ago, Chris Myers
Food 2 students have been researching grains as part of a larger unit on breads. As a follow up activity, the students completed a Gallery Walk to share their new knowledge.
5 months ago, Kate Myers
Kiley, Draven, Kirsten
Group Working
Due to road conditions , BB games with Alta Aurelia tonight 1/19 are postponed. All practices and evening activities are cancelled.
5 months ago, Graettinger-Terril CSD
Due to the Weather, Friday, 1/15 will be a Virtual Day for GTRA. ** MS/HS Students, please check your email to see expectations for our virtual snow day. They are different than a normal virtual day. **
5 months ago, Jeremy Simington
Biology students explored the concept of surface-area-to-volume ratio in the lab this week!
5 months ago, Malissa Jeffrey